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I hope that everybody is looking after themselves and keeping well at this most unusual time.

Hopefully this won’t go on for much longer and we’ll be able to see and hug our loved ones again.

I just wanted to take some time to update my website and socials to answer some questions. Whether you’re an existing client or looking to potentially book a photography session with myself, this is for you.

When will the baby photography studio open again?

Unfortunately things are still up in the air. I’m not entirely sure when I’m going to be able to open up again. I’m following all of the government guidelines and advice – and potentially being even a little bit more cautious. For me to do my job properly, and to my usual standard, it’s not possible for me to socially distance.
On top of this, you may not know that my studio is in my parent’s house. Unfortunately my dad is in the at risk category. Because of this, I won’t open the doors to my studio until both close contact businesses are able to reopen and multiple households are able to mix. I’m keeping a close eye on all of the guidelines and hoping that it won’t be much longer before I am able to go back to work safely.

When can I book a photography session?

If you know that you want a session with myself, then right now is the best time to book. I have a waiting list of clients who were already booked or have booked ready for when I can re-open. This means that whenever it is safe to do so, I will then start making my way down that wait list on a first booked service. As it stands, the list currently has around 3 – 4 weeks of bookings already on there. If you are wanting to arrange a session for when the lockdown is lifted, now is definitely the time to book.

When can my photoshoot happen?

I currently have a waiting list of clients who have booked ready for when I can re-open. This means that whenever it is safe to do so, I will start making my way down that wait list on a first booked service. If you are already booked and on this waiting list, please feel free to get in touch with me. I will be able to let you know your place on this list and exactly when I will be able to offer you a date for your session. If you haven’t yet booked but want to, the list currently has around 3 – 4 weeks of bookings already on there. So if you are wanting to arrange a session for once I can safely open my Baby Photography Studio, now is definitely the best time to book to secure your space.

When can I see my photos from my photoshoot that took place before lockdown?

Firstly, I’m so sorry that you have had to wait so long to view your precious photos. I’ve spent a large portion of my time in lockdown trying to improve my website and come up with ways that I could do your viewings remotely. Unfortunately, I am not a website designer/builder and do not have a remote way to do viewings online that is as good as my in person viewings.
Due to this, and many other reasons, I have decided that it will be best all around for you to come in to view your photos as usual once it is safe to do so. Your viewings have priority and I will be offering you a date in the first week that I am back at work. You will then be able to come in to view and choose your photos.

My Baby or Outdoor Photography Session was booked before lockdown, is it still going to happen?

The simple answer is yes! However it can only take place once it is completely safe to do so. As it’s not possible for me to do my job efficiently or to the same high standard as usual if I’m social distancing, we may need to hang on a little while longer than initially hoped to make sure that everybody is kept completely safe. The good thing about your session being booked before lockdown started, is that you’re essentially right at the top of my wait list! This means that you will be one of the first people I contact to arrange a date for your session once it is completely safe to do so.

Baby Photography Studio

I’m booked in for an Outdoor Family Photoshoot,
what happens if lockdown continues past September?

As you already know, my Outdoor Photography Sessions only run from May – September. This is due to our unpredictable British weather. I think that it would be extremely unlikely that we won’t be able to go ahead with your session with it being outdoors, but if it happens, I’m happy to offer a couple of alternative options.
On this occasion, due to the unprecedented times that we’re in, I’m happy to extend the period that I run these outdoor sessions to, exclusively to the clients who were already booked in. This will ensure that you can still receive your photos as soon as possible.
Alternatively, if you would still prefer for your session to take place in the summer months, we can transfer your session fee over to 2021 and arrange your session again next year.

Baby Photography Studio

I’m booked in for a newborn photoshoot, what if my baby arrives while you’re still closed?

Firstly, I’m sorry that we may be unable to have the exact type of newborn photoshoot you might have imagined upon booking. However, this doesn’t mean that we can’t still capture your precious baby and achieve a beautiful, full galley of photos!
If your baby ends up being older, it is just as an amazing time to capture them. I’ll focus a lot on the gorgeous awake photos with eye contact – which are often parent’s favourite photos! These aren’t always possible with brand new and sleepy babies.
Another beautiful option for photographing older babies is having you in the photos too and doing more of a Natural Newborn session. If your baby is awake for a large portion of their session, keeping them in close contact with you often keeps them really happy and content, not to mention being able to document that incredible love and bond between you both.

If you decide that any kind of Newborn Session is no longer the right fit for you and your baby, I’m more than happy to transfer your booking to a Sitter Photography session. We can capture them once they’re sitting up unaided and full of smiles!

If your baby is going to be over four weeks old before I can fit you in, and you decide that you no longer want your photoshoot, I understand. In these circumstances I can issue a full refund of your Session Fee.

Baby Photography Studio

I’m booked in for a session, but I’m nervous about bringing my baby out.

First of all, I just want to say that I completely understand how you’re feeling. I know that the thought of lockdown being lifted too soon is a big worry for everyone – myself included – and that we’ll take extra precautions where we can to keep extra safe.

Because of this, I’m not at all planning on returning to work until I feel it is completely safe to do so. As many of you know, my Baby Photography Studio is in my parents house and my dad is in the at risk category. On top of this, I’m working with new babies and young families and simply refuse to do anything that could potentially put anybody at risk.

I’m not going to manipulate or bend the guidelines to fit my business in order to open before I’m explicitly told I can. I also want to feel myself that it is both safe and the right thing to do.

When I do return to work, I’m going to be abiding by all of the protective measures put in place before lockdown. You can find a full list of these here.

If you’re still apprehensive, I completely understand and will happily move your session fee to a later date. Alternatively, there are a number of changes you can make to the photoshoot you have booked.

You could change your Posed Newborn session to a Natural Newborn session. This way I won’t be doing any hands-on posing and you can determine how much contact you’d like me to have with Baby.

If you booked an older Baby Photography session, you could change to an Outdoor Family Photography session.

I really do understand your apprehension. I will work with you to find a solution that works for you.

Baby Photography Studio

What’s going to happen to my free 6 – 8 month session that came with my Newborn Collection?

Just because of the current circumstances, I don’t want any of my clients to miss out on anything. Especially your free session.

A lot of clients had already booked in for their free session before lockdown, and are now already on my waiting list. If you want your free session but haven’t yet claimed it due to lockdown please still get in touch! As long as you get in touch before your baby is 8 months old, you are still entitled to this session. I will honour the booking once it is safe to do so – even if your baby is past 8 months, crawling or even walking!

I understand that many clients may not have realised this and not got in touch simply thinking that they will have missed out. Because of this, even if your baby is already over 8 months, providing you get in touch to book before the end of May, I will still honour your session.

Please don’t miss out due to this virus.

Baby Photography Studio

I have a different question!

If you have any other questions at all then please do not hesitate to get in touch. Even though the Baby Photography Studio doors may be closed I am still very much here. I’m still answering all calls and emails so please do feel free to reach out.

I do hope that everybody is keeping and coping well. Hopefully it isn’t going to be much longer before I get to see you again.

Love and virtual hugs,
Hayley x

If you’d like a photography session for your little one, take a look at my Newborn Photography Information page.

To book your own photography session or for any information at all, please get in touch. You can fill out my contact form here or contact me directly:

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