As I’m sure you all know, especially my past clients, safety has always been my top priority when working so closely with new families and their precious babies. Because of this, I wanted to take the time to make a little post to assure you all that I am not taking the current Coronavirus outbreak lightly. Just like myself, I’m sure you all have concerns about remaining safe and healthy at this time too.

I thought it may be helpful for me to share the steps (both new and already existing) that I am taking to ensure my studio environment remains safe and clean for your family during your photography session:
– Deep cleaning the studio both after every session finishes and before any new clients arrive.
– Washing all materials that any baby comes into contact with after their session.
– Wearing and changing gloves throughout newborn photography sessions.
– Wearing a face mask when handling Baby during newborn photography sessions.
– Asking clients to reschedule if they feel unwell, even if it is only mild.
– Asking clients to remove their shoes, leave them at the door and wash their hands upon arrival.
– Asking clients to leave immediately if they begin to feel unwell or present with a cough, fever or any other symptoms during their session.
– Minimising the number of items I use throughout each session.
– Not re-using said items until they have been deep cleaned and isolated for at least 48 hours after use.
– And finally, as I always have done, if I feel unwell (even mildly) I will contact you immediately to rearrange our session or appointment.

Another change I’m planning on making is introducing Lifestlye Newborn Photography Sessions. These are a more natural take on photographing your precious newborn baby, focusing on letting them do what they do and capturing them just as they are. Photographing Baby in your arms is also the best way to keep them happy and content while simultaneously capturing your interactions, love and precious bond together at this fleeting time.

At this moment in time we’re all feeling a little nervous and taking every precaution to keep ourselves and our families safe, but I understand that you still may be worried about missing out on capturing your precious newborn baby. Lifestyle Newborn Photography could be a really good alternative to the traditional posed Newborn Photography session that people know so well. Posed Newborn Photography is beautiful, but very hands-on. Although I am taking every step to keep all of my clients safe, I understand that peace of mind is equally as important as our physical health. During my new Lifestyle Newborn Photography Sessions, the contact with Baby will be mainly with yourselves, as the photographer I am slightly more distanced and there is much less physical contact between myself and Baby. Of course, where contact is required all of the precautions listed above will still be in place for as long as the currant situation continues.

For those of you who are currently booked in with myself for a shoot, your viewing, or a consultation – if myself, or anybody in my household, becomes unwell or comes into contact with anybody exhibiting symptoms, I will notify you immediately and we can reschedule for a better time. It is, and has always been my priority to put my clients’ wellbeing first at all times.

If anybody has any concerns or would like to chat further about booking a session or attending your appointment please feel free to email me at

Finally, on a brighter note, let’s all keep looking out for each other and just being kind. When so many of us may be feeling unsure or worried right now, a little extra love, happiness and consideration can go a long way ❤️

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