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December 2021 – Juno Delilah, 8 months 🤍

Juno & Toby’s family are always such a joy to photograph as it’s always a session filled with smiles, jokes and laughter!
It was so, so lovely to see and photograph Juno again at 8 months old. This was the same age that her big brother, Toby, was when I first met him! Both Toby & Juno were amazing to photograph as they genuinely were just having the very best time and loving each other’s company!
As you all know, I always include sibling photos with all of my photography sessions at no additional cost. This includes individual portraits as well as photos together. I’m going to share some of Toby’s portraits here in one little set of his own, as he’s such a little character, I feel like he needs his own space! Keep scrolling to check them out.
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Toby Dexter, 3 years 

A little boy with the biggest personality!
Honestly, Toby is always such great fun when he comes for photos, and genuinely has me creasing with laughter. He’s so cheeky and playful he really does make my job so easy.
Even though this wasn’t Toby’s shoot, and these are just some the few sibling photos I capture for free with Toby being Juno’s big brother. I really wanted to share some photos all of his own to show off his little (massive) personality. And so that he can put a smile on all of your faces too! 🥰

Juno & Toby’s Harmony Frame
After choosing a stunning Cluster of Six frames for their living room from Juno’s newborn photography session, Juno & Toby’s dad wanted something for the wall in his office.

He wanted something just of his kiddos, so Harmony felt like the perfect choice.

If you love multi-aperture frames, but also feel like you need larger photos, Harmony’s set of three equally sized apertures is perfect.

The three photos gives perfect balance for both Juno & Toby to have individual photos, along with mum & dad’s favourite one of them both together too!

Swipe to the end to see their gorgeous Harmony Frame up on their office wall!

I really think that this frame was the perfect choice for their space and what they were after. Doesn’t it look incredible? 🤍


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