“Is my baby too old for newborn photos?”
“Have I missed the ‘newborn stage’?”
“Can you still take photos of my baby?”


I hear these questions all too often – more so than ever this year. 

But as I say to all of these mums, please don’t worry.

It’s never too late to capture your beautiful baby.

Since and through the two lockdowns, I have had so many enquiries from new mums with newborns over 3 weeks who have asked “Is my baby too old for newborn photos?” or if they’ve missed out on the ‘newborn stage’.

Now, I definitely understand why you may think this, even on my own website I say that the very best time for a newborn photography session is when Baby is under 3 weeks old. But this does not at all mean that we can’t still create absolutely gorgeous photos of your slighter older newborn baby.

Let me explain…


The reason us newborn photographers specify ‘under three weeks’ is that as your baby gets older – as I’m sure you’ll know – they get so much stronger and much more alert too. This means that they may not sleep quite as deeply and may not always be happy to be posed. These are the naked, really curled up and sleepy photos you will probably have seen. Being 100% baby-led, obviously, my aim is to work around your baby keeping them completely happy and content throughout your session. Now what’s absolutely amazing about older newborns being alert, is being able to capture those really beautiful awake photos.

With an older newborn we can still get some of those wrapped up and snug newborn-style photos, still capture all of those tiny little details, but we get some amazing awake photos with stunning eye contact too.

All of the babies in the photos below are between 5 and 10 weeks old and are the kinds of photos that I would typically expect to achieve with an older newborn.

So please, just because your little one is over 21 days old, don’t feel like you’ve missed your window.

I would absolutely love to photograph your baby for you 💕

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