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August 2021 – Georgia Alice, 12 months

Beautiful Georgia has been such a little ray of sunshine every single time she’s stepped (or been carried) into the studio.
I honestly don’t think I’ve ever known a baby be so happy and cheerful every single time I’ve seen them, I don’t think I’ve even seen her cry since her newborn session – I mean, that simply just doesn’t happen does it!
But Georgia certainly is the exception to the rule, and her beautiful photos really did capture her wonderful and cheery little personality perfectly 🥰
South Yorkshire Baby Photographer South Yorkshire Baby Photographer South Yorkshire Baby Photographer South Yorkshire Baby Photographer
Back in April after Georgia’s sitting session, Georgia’s mum fell in love with the mock up I made of a set of three 22 x 22″ square frames to capture Georgia growing through her first year.
Back then, she ordered both the Dreamer frame holding Georgia’s newborn photos and the Melody frame I made up with photos from Georgia’s sitter session. All that was left to do was wait for Georgia’s 12 month session so that she could choose a photo to go between the two and complete the overall design.
Well, here it is, and doesn’t it just look perfect between Georgia’s other two frames? 🥰
Choosing three frames from my square multi-aperture range is always a really popular choice amongst my clients who come to me through their baby’s first year. Dedicating a frame to each of your three sessions is the perfect way to capture and show off just how much your little one grows through those first 12 months – not to mention just how beautiful they look together up on your wall!
South Yorkshire Baby PhotographySouth Yorkshire Baby PhotographySouth Yorkshire Baby Photography
As well as choosing her final frame to complete their set of three, she also absolutely fell in love with this stunning single image frame that I mocked up including one of my own personal favourite photos from Georgia’s session.
And who could blame her, doesn’t it just look so beautiful? I always think that there’s something about white on white that looks so minimalistic, yet angelic. Perfect for little Georgia 🥰
Georgia’s mum decided on a 30×20″ framed photo, which made the overall size 36×26″ (not including the frame moulding)
We opted for the same shape and colour frame moulding as they’d chosen for their set of three frames, but slightly wider as it was a larger overall frame. That way it matched her existing frames, but still complemented the overall size of this one as a standalone piece.
So that you’re guaranteed to find the perfect size frame for your space, all of my frames, including multi-aperture frames, are all available in an array of different sizes as standard. Bespoke sizing is also always available as everything is lovingly handcrafted and made to order.
South Yorkshire Baby Photography
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