Family Photography

These photography sessions take place outdoors and are available between the months of MayAugust. Family Sessions are perfect for capturing the love and precious bond between the members of your lovely family. I take a very natural and lifestyle approach to my family photography in order to keep you feeling at ease. I will capture the natural interactions that take place between you and your little ones. Even dogs are more than welcome to come along and take part in this photography session too! 

As this session takes place outdoors, the arranged date and time will be dependant on the weather so please bear in mind that sessions may need to be re-arranged.

This session if for your immediate family, extended family members can be included for an additional £25 per person.

Your beautiful family’s photos will be ready for viewing at your ordering session within 2 – 3 weeks.

A non-refundable £99 deposit is required to secure your space in my diary. This will later be deducted from your final order.

Your photography session itself is completely free. Upon viewing, if you do not like any of your photos, you do not have to purchase any and your deposit, in this case, will be returned to you. 

Should you wish to purchase any of your photos, there is a £499 minimum spend which can be spent on any individual products from across the brochure or put towards a collection of your choice.

Collection 1

  • Outdoor Photography Session
  • In person photo viewing session
  • All Digital Images (25+ fully edited, high resolution, provided in both colour and black & white)
  • Slideshow of all images
  • Ten page linen photo album
  • Ten 10 x 8″ mounted prints
  • £100 credit to spend on Wall Art


Collection 2

  • Outdoor Photography Session
  • In person photo viewing session
  • 10 Digital Images (fully edited, high resolution, provided in both colour and black & white)
  • Ten matching 8 x 6″ mounted prints


Collection 3

  • Outdoor Photography Session
  • In person photo viewing session
  • 5 Digital Images (fully edited, high resolution, provided in both colour and black & white)
  • Five matching 8 x 6″ mounted prints



Choose any individual products from across the product brochure.*

*A minimum spend of £499 is required & due on the date of your photography session.


Please get in touch with any questions or to receive a copy of my full Product Brochure.

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