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October 2021 – Eliza & Penelope, 8 days & 2 years

Way back in October 2021, I had the best day meeting little Eliza and her big sister, Penelope. I’m fairly sure I won the sibling jackpot with them!
Eliza was a dream, so content and slept the whole way through her session. And then little Penelope. She was absolutely smitten with her baby sister. There aren’t that many two year olds so unbelievably in love with their little siblings and so eager to cuddle and kiss them every time I ask! But Penelope was so good and really loved every second of the day with her baby sister.
Eliza’s mum also brought along a beautiful pale teal knit cardigan of her Auntie’s. It had huge sentimental value and was so special to be able to incorporate it into Eliza’s photography session for her 🤍
(P.S. Make sure you scroll to the very end for a hilarious and adorable family photo!)
Eliza & Penelope’s Harmony Frame
Eliza & Penelope’s parents wanted a beautiful frame including photos of both their girls, that fit perfectly above their three seater sofa. It almost seemed a no-brainer to choose The Harmony Frame!If you like multi-aperture frames, Harmony’s horizontal shape makes it the perfect choice when choosing wall art for above a sofa.
It fits perfectly, and with including three photos had the perfect balance for the girls’ parents to include both individual photos of each of them, along with a super precious one of them both together too!

I really think that this family made the perfect choice for their space, doesn’t it look incredible? 🤍

Huddersfield Newborn Baby Photography Wall Art Huddersfield Newborn Baby Photography

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